Who takes any Payday Loan?

The outgoing year shows growth in the microfinance market for all financial products. According to experts, by the end of the year more than 240 billion rubles will be issued in the form of payday loans. Last year, that figure was a third less. At the moment, this year there are almost 24 million loan agreements.

Despite the difficult financial situation in the country, payday loans take more and more often. The portfolio of Payday Loans is growing from year to year. The three leaders by region are Moscow, the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Moscow Region. Almost every family with an income of about 35 thousand rubles has a payday loan contract.

In addition, the number of borrowers who re-come to Payday Loans to borrow is growing. There are one-fifth more such citizens. This happens because of the tight regulation of the Payday Loan market and, consequently, a more responsible attitude to its clients by microcredit companies. The ratio of the monthly payment to the total income of the borrower varies between 17% and 20%. At the same time in bank lending a higher value was recorded – 30%.

Along with payday loans, total lending is growing, especially online lending is growing. This year, borrowers received loans worth 22 billion rubles, which is two and a half times more than last year. Online loans are growing because the demand for small loans is growing, and they, as a matter of fact, are most often issued via the Internet. Today, almost every lender has a good application for any kind of gadget.

Such growth is also associated with a gradual reduction in rates and simplification of the process of obtaining all types of loans.

Total payday loans this year took 6.2 million people.

Financial experts differ on the forecast on the microfinance market. Some believe that due to the continuous tightening of the requirements of the GRI Bank to microfinance lenders, it will constantly become more complicated and, as a result, the procedure for granting loans to the public will become more expensive. Therefore, the number of citizens who take payday loans will decrease. Others believe that the growth trend will continue for the next 2 to 3 years.


Who uses payday loans?

Who uses payday loans?

According to some studies, payday loans online are most often used by men, usually between the ages of 18 and 30 years. In most cases, this borrower has a permanent job and his salary in the area of ​​40 thousand rubles. In the research data of such borrowers is 60%.

If you select an age group from all borrowers, then most often payday loans are taken by people aged 31 to 40 years. This situation is also affected by the Payday Loans themselves, because it is at this age that borrowers are the most trustworthy and solvent. Citizens at this age are given payday loans in 25% of cases. Loans are received and people older than 50 years, such a gain of 8%.

Borrowers who are not married slightly more than married – 55%. Citizens with higher education are found in 53% of cases.


Payday Loan online are more likely to take the owners of the iPhone

Online payday loan systems conducted a study in which it turned out that owners of Apple smartphones take loans more often than others.

loan on mobile

Apple – more than 20% of all borrowers

Samsung – just under 20%

Lenovo – just under 8%

The remaining brands such as ZTE, Alcatel, Sony, LG and others are found in the hands of borrowers in less than 5% of cases.

After reviewing such data, we can conclude that payday loans online are most often used by people with high and medium earnings.